Facts about Olympics

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* The Olympics Games were held for the first time by the Greeks in 776 BC, on Mount Olympus in the honour of Greek God Zeus.

* In modern days it was again started by the efforts of  French Baron Pierre de Coubertin on 6th April 1896 in Athens Capital of Greece.

* From 1924 Winter Olympic Games also started , Women started participating in olympics since 1912

* Olympics Games is conducted every after 4 years.

* International Olympic Committee ( IOC) govern the Olympic Games.

* The head Office of  IOC is in Lausanne (Switzerland).

* Host city is decided by International Olympic Committee (IOC).

* Olympics symbol consist of 5 rings or circle linked to each other to represent the sporting friendship to every people on this  planet. All five rings are of different colour .

1) Blue represent Europe.

2) Yellow represent Asia.

3) Black represent Africa.

4) Green represent Australia.

5) Red represent America.

* Olympic Motto is in Latin word  ‘Citius,  Alitius, Fortius  which means ‘Faster , Higher , and Stronger composed by Father Didon in 1897 and was introduced in Olympic games in Paris 1924.

Olympics and India

* India officially participated in Olympics for the first time in the 6 Olympic games  in 1920 at Antwerp.

* Marrie Lila Rao is the 1st Indian Women participant in the Olympics  after India’s Independence.

* Sir Dorabji Tata was the first President of Indian Olympic Association established in 1927.

* Norman Pritchard was the first Indian player who participated in games in 1900 and won 2 Silver medals in Athletics

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