Sources of Indian Constitution

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Constituent Assembly of India had gone through the Constitution of more than 60 Countries.

The Government of India Act 1935
  • It formed the “Blue Print” of Indian Constitution
  • Federal System of Government
UK Constitution
  • Law making Procedures
  • Parliamentary form of Government
  • Bicameralism
  • Office of CAG
  • Rule of Law
  • Single Citizen
  • Cabinet System
USA Constitution
  • Fundamental Rights
  • A written Constitution
  • A Preamble
  • Post of vice-President
  • Independent Judiciary
  • Judicial Review
  • Procedure of removal of Judges of Supreme court and High Court
Constitution of Former USSR
  • Five Year Planning
  • Fundamental Duties
Canadian Constitution
  • Federation with strong Centre
  • Residuary powers to the Centre
  • Appointment of State Governors by Centre
Australian Constitution
  • Concurrent List
  • Freedom of Interstate Trade
  • Principle of Cooperative Federalism
  • Joint Sitting of Parliament
Irish Constitution
  • Directive Principles of state Policy (Ireland Borrowed it from Spain)
  • Method of Presidential Election
  • Nominating member of Rajya Sabha
Weimar Constitution of Germany
  • Emergency provision enjoyed by Union goverment
  • Suspension of Fundamental Right during Emergency
Constitution of France
  • Idea of Liberty,Equality,Fraternity
Constitution of South Africa
  • Procedure for Amendment of the Constitution
  • Election of Member of Rajya Sabha
Japanese Constitution
  • Procedure Established by Law
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