Some Important Articles of Indian Constitution

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At present Indian constitution consist of 448 Articles,25 parts, 12 Schedules. Originally it consist of 395 Articles, 22 parts and 8 schedules.

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Here are the list of important Articles of the Indian constitution that are asked in different competitive exams such as NDA,CDS,AFCAT,UPSC,SSC,RAILWAYS etc.

  • Article 1- Name of the territory of the union
  • Article 3– Formation of new states and alterations of areas,boundaries or name of existing states.
  • Article 14-Equality before Law
  • Article 16– Equality of opportunity in matters of public Employment
  • Article 17– Abolition of Untouchability
  • Article 19-Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech
  • Article 21-Protection of life and Personal liberty
  • Article 21A– Right of elementary Education
  • Article 25-Freedom of conscience and free profession,practice and propagation of religion
  • Article 30-Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions
  • Article 32-Remedies for enforcement of fundamental rights including writs (the heart and soul of the Constitution)
  • Article 40-Organisation of village Panchayats
  • Article 44-“Uniform civil Code” for the Citizens
  • Article 50-Separation of Judiciary from Executive
  • Article 51-Promotion of international peace and security
  • Article 51A– Fundamental Duties
  • Article72-Power of President to grant pardons and to suspend,remit or commute sentences in certain cases
  • Article 74-Council of ministers to aid and advise the President
  • Article 76-Office of Attorney General of India
  • Article 78-Duties of Prime minister
  • Article 108– Joint session of Parliament can be summoned
  • Article 110-Definition of Money Bills
  • Article 112-Annual Financial statement (Budget)
  • Article 123-Power of President to promulgate ordinances during recess of Parliament
  • Article 143– Power of President to consult Supreme Court
  • Article 148– Office of Comptroller and Auditor-General of India.
  • Article 155A-Appointment of Governer
  • Article 165– Advocate General (AG) for the state
  • Article 213-Power of governor to Promulgate ordinances during recess of the state legislature
  • Article 226-Power of high courts to issue certain writs
  • Article 262-Adjudication of disputes relating to waters of inter-states rivers or rivers valleys
  • Article 263-Provisions with respect to an inter-state councils
  • Article 280-Finance Commission
  • Article 300A– Persons not to be deprived of property save by authority of law (right to property as legal right)
  • Article 312-All India service
  • Article 324-Office of Election Commission
  • Article 326-Adult Suffrage
  • Article 352-Proclamation of “National Emergency
  • Article 356-Provision of “President Rule
  • Article 360-Provision of “Financial Emergency
  • Article 368-Power of the Parliament to amend the constitution
  • Article 370-Temporary provision with respect to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
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